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1998 Maryland Libertarian Party Convention

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The 1998 LPMD CONVENTION will be fast-paced, powerful and FUN! LOADED with workshops and activities, you'll find things that you might otherwise never encounter! YOU CAN'T AFFORD to miss this!

We have the best of several top Seminars on Communication, and Political Persuasion -- hundreds of dollars worth -- and we've distilled them into the cream of the crop -- it's priceless! but YOU won't have to pay hundreds of dollars to get this exciting information!

Here are some of the incredible things we've got in store for you:

We'll examine a lot of the things that Libertarians want to know

AND you'll have plenty of time to experiment and practice these innovative ideas designed to make YOU a successful Communicator of the Freedom Philosophy! Thousands of people have changed minds, improved their personal relationships, even gotten raises using these techniques --

because this stuff is POWERFUL!

Turn conversations from negative to positive. Gain the interest of your listener and understand in seconds the kind of political corner they're coming from. Become a sleuth of influence so that those around you come to encounter, evaluate and embrace Libertarianism. These are the tools that unlock minds!

If you've never attended a Convention before, or you never attend another one -- You'll want to attend THIS one because you want to advance Liberty every day with confidence and authority.

And to add to the excitement, WBAL's BRIAN WILSON is our Banquet Speaker on Saturday!

We've BUILT IT!! All you gotta do is BE there!! Word of this has caused a buzz around the entire region! Space is limited, and seats are going fast, already! Don't miss this rare opportunity to improve YOUR Communication skills! You won't find this anywhere else! RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW!

Among the list of Speakers and Workshops for Convention '98 are:

Hands-on workshops with Audio and Video clips:

When: OCTOBER 24th (9 AM to 11 PM) & 25th (10 AM to 6 PM)

Where: The Holiday Inn, 6323 Ritchie Hwy (Route 2), Glen Burnie, MD (at 695): 410-636-4300. Directions: from I-695 Eastbound -- take Exit 3A, make a left at the traffic light on Ritchie Hwy, make your first U-Turn, hotel is on the right; from I-695 Westbound -- take Exit 2, make your first U-Turn, go through light, make another U-Turn, hotel is on the right.

Cost: (includes Saturday night Banquet, and Sunday Brunch) Only $49 per person before 10/10, $55 through 10/22. $62 at the door. 5% discount for couples. Banquet only -- $25; convention without the Banquet -- deduct $16; cost for one day only -- $35. (We're not making any money on this. We've tried to keep it as affordable as possible, so that as many of our members can enjoy this experience as possible. It's a STEAL, considering everything you'll gain! Complimentary coffee and tea will be available in the conference room). Special Holiday Inn room rate is $65 per night, make your reservation!

Print out and return reservation form below:

Please circle your Banquet entree preference:

  1. Stuffed Pork Chop -- Center cut pork chop, split and filled with Sage Dressing, served with Cinnamon apple sauce
  2. Chicken Cordon Bleu -- Boneless breast filled with shaved ham and Gruyere Cheese
  3. Sliced Roast Sirloin of Beef -- in its Natural Juices
  4. Boneless Stuffed Flounder -- Stuffed with Crabmeat Dressing and crowned with Hollandaise Sauce

Your name(s): _______________________________________________________

Your Address: _______________________________________________________

Phone: _______________ Email: ________________________________________

Amount enclosed: $____ For: Full Convention ___ Banquet only ___

* ___ Also, renew my membership for 1999, as well.
($20 - State only, $30 - State and National)

Please make your check or money order payable to LPMD, and write "for Convention" on it.

Mail to: Nancy Millionie, 5815 Deer Park Rd., Reisterstown, MD 21136 (410-833-8991)

Convention Schedule

Saturday, October 24th:

9:00 Registration
9:50 Welcome - Steve Boone, Chair
10:00 "From Mystery to Mastery" - Michael Cloud video
10:35 Break
10:40 Keynote Address, "It's time to be Bold Again" - Mike Buoncristiano - NJLP
10:55 "Communication vs. Persuasion"
11:05 "How to Tame a Tiger" - Kenn Blanchard, A3i Inc.
11:50 Introduction to display tables (notes following this schedule)
12:10 Lunch Break
1:10 "How to be Understood and Get What you Want" (Workshop)
2:00 Break
2:10 "Define or be Defined" (Workshop)
2:40 "Rapport"
2:50 "Liberty Warriors - The Rules of Engagement" - (Workshop) Janice Presser, Chair, NJLP
3:50 Break
4:05 "The Late Great Libertarian Macho Flash" - (Workshop)
4:30 "Political Cross-Dressing" - (Workshop)
5:00 Break
5:10 "The Ransberger Pivot" - (Workshop)
5:30 "How to Share Libertarian Ideas without Appearing to be a Fool" -(Workshop)
6:10 Break ****
7:00 Banquet --- following the Banquet -- Video - "Closed Minds on Open Borders" - Jacob (Bumper) Hornberger

Sunday, October 25th:

10:00 "Intellectual Judo" - (Workshop)
10:20 "Marketing Liberty" - Mike Buoncristiano - President, AVANTII Marketing Solutions, Inc.
11:00 Break
11:10 "Instant Influence"
11:40 Break****
12:00 Brunch
12:45 Bill Huff and Ed Akehurst, Save-a-Patriot Fellowship
1:45 Break
1:50 "How the Interstate Commerce clause has caused Bad Law", Michael Sensor, Chair, LPD
2:20 Keith Halderman - Gobernatorial Election notes, and update on Medical Marijuana
2:35 Break
2:40 "Petitioning" and "Discovery Tables - a practical approach", Dana Johansen, current past Chair, LPVA
3:10 "Petitioning & Outreach Tips - what work!", Spear Lancaster Chair, Anne Arundel County, MD
3:25 Closing remarks - Steve Boone
3:35 Break
3:45 LPMD Business Meeting

The following groups will have a display of literature and "goodies":

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