Field Day 2002

Location: Washington Monument State Park (Middletown, Maryland)

Date: June 22-23, 2002

Shelter: #2

Field Day Group

The crew: 2002 attendees: l-r WA3KLK, K3AN, WA3SOR, N3IC, WA3PYU, K3MZ, WA3OFC, KG4NXZ, N2AW; not shown KG4TSX, WB3HNV, N3PLB, WA3LTJ & son Joe, Yumie

Robert puts up an antenna40 meter dipoleNorth quad goes up

First, the setup: Robert fishes an antenna into the trees (left); the 40 meter dipole is up (center); and the north quad about to be lifted into the trees (right)

The north quadThe south quad

The north quad (20/15 meters) is up (left); and the south quad (20/10 meters) follows (right)

Solar PanelsStart the Generator

Get ready: Paul's fancy solar panel begins juicing up the nicad's for our natural power QSO's (left); Steve starts the generator on its 24-hour tour of duty (right)

Let the games begin!WinFD

Let the Games Begin: At 2:00 pm, Bill starts up the phone station, and Bob begins on cw (left); Bill's new and improved WinFD program is a great help (right)

The Washington MonumentVHF/UHF towerVHF/UHF tower

Meanwhile, up at the Monument: The Washington Monument, namesake of the park (left); two views of Paul's instant-up VHF/UHF tower and antennas (right)

Jason and WesPaul

Inside the VHF/UHF tent: Jason and Wes (left); Paul (right)


Operators: Frank returns from camp and gets on the air (left); Mike takes over (right)

Drew CookingFood!

A growling stomach makes for a poor operator: Drew barbeques (left); Paul and Wes wait to fill their plates (right)


Back at the rigs: Steve (left) and Bill (right) rack up the points

Andy and JosephWes

The GOTA Station: Andy and son Joseph (left), and Wes (right) give us extra points for this new Field Day transmitter

Mike posesthe picture

Bonus points for non-traditional mode demo: Mike poses by his ATV camera (left); the ATV monitor (right)

Drew and YumieRobert asleep

Yumie assists Drew (left); and some operators just can't seem to stay awake after being on the air all night long and building a fire (right)

We went with two transmitters plus the VHF/UHF and GOTA stations, scoring 8480 plus 1000 bonus points. A new high, again! QSO breakdown:

New for this year, thanks to Bill's new and improved WinFD program:

Operator Stats

Congratulations to our top contest op N2AW, who wins by a landslide!Top Op N2AW

---Results from December 2002 QST---

December QST CoverQST Score

We scored 12th out of 424 (97.2 percentile) non-battery / non-commercial power entries in the 2A category. We scored 15th out of the total 518 entries (97.1 percentile) in the 2A category (the largest category). With a new high in points, we had the highest score in Maryland once again.

Entries ahead of us in 3-land are:

Duh... There are none!

We carried 3-land! (The overall 2A high score was 15,170)

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