Field Day 2003

Location: Washington Monument State Park (Middletown, Maryland)

Date: June 28-29, 2003

Much used signInstant photos

The entrance: A much used sign, and with the miracle of modern technology, instant photos posted on the post!

The Field Day group

The crew: 2003 attendees: back l-r N2AW, KG4PPU, WA3SOR, WA3PYU, WA3KLK, WA3OFC, KG4NXZ, K3MZ, KG4URX; front N3IC, Joel; not shown K3AN, WA3LTJ, KA3VXM, KG4OAP

Putting up a quadSecuring a quadSteve with coaxRobert looks up

First, the setup: l-r, Mike, Frank, Jason, and Robert pull up a wire quad; Frank supervises Mike tying down a quad rope while Robert wraps cord around a tree; Steve takes care of the coax; and Robert looks for a suitable target branch. Below, Bill sets up the coaxial stubs.

Bill setting up coax stubs

Solar Panel

Get ready: Paul's fancy solar panel begins juicing up the nicad's for our natural power QSO's. Steve's trusty generator fails us for the first time ever, but thankfully Paul has brought along a spare generator to save the day!

Let's Get to It: HF Operators

Bob OperatingBill Operating
Top contest op Bob on cw (left); Bill at the phone station (right)

Frank OperatingDrew Operating
On phone, Frank with Kathy (left) and Drew (right)

Steve OperatingRobert and Jim Operating
On cw, Steve (left) and Robert with Jim (right)

Meanwhile, up at the Monument

Itay pulling ropeVHF/UHF antennas
Itay works on raising VHF/UHF antennas

6 meter quadAt the monument
Jason in front of 6 meter quad

View from the top of the monumentView from the top of the monument
View from the top of the monument

VHF operatorsVHF operatorsVHF operators
Time to operate VHF/UHF: Jason and Itay (left); Joel and Wes (center); Paul, Steve, Frank, Robert (right)

Jason and ItayGOTA RateJason and Itay

At the GOTA station: Jason and Itay manage to get the QSO rate to a level which belies their GOTA status!

Wes and BillBillJim

Socializing: Wes, Bill, Kathy (left); Bill (center); Jim (right)

Frank and JoelFrank and JoelFrank and JoelFrank and Joel

Frank and son Joel: Frank explains the tuning stubs; operating the HF station; the VHF/UHF station; and work on putting up a quad.

The CookCook relaxing

A growling stomach makes for a poor operator: Drew barbeques and then relaxes

Mike's cameraATV monitor

Bonus points for non-traditional mode demo: Mike's ATV camera mounted on his car, with antenna broadcasting to the ATV monitor


Click the picture above for Drew's video production of Field Day 2003. Hope you have a broadband connection, it's a 7 MB file!

We went with two transmitters plus the VHF/UHF and GOTA stations, scoring 6138 plus 1100 bonus points. Alas, a new high was too elusive! QSO breakdown:

Total: 824 cw x 2 = 1648 + 1421 phone = 3069 x 2 = 6138

Tracking results from Bill's WinFD program:

Operator Stats

Congratulations to our top contest op N2AW, who wins two years in a row!

--- Results from December 2003 QST---

December 2003 QST coverQST score

We scored 20th out of 431 (95.3 percentile) non-battery / non-commercial power entries in the 2A category. We scored 22nd out of the total 460 entries (95.2 percentile) in the 2A category (the largest category). We had the highest score in Maryland once again.

Entries ahead of us in the Atlantic Division (DEL, MDC, EPA, WPA, NNY, WNY, SNJ):

Duh... There are none!

(The overall 2A high score was 14,336)

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(Photos by WA3KLK, K3MZ, and N3IC. Designed for viewing in 640 x 480 resolution)