Field Day 2004

Location: Washington Monument State Park (Middletown, Maryland)

Date: June 26-27, 2004

The Field Day group

The crew: 2004 attendees: l-r back N2AW, WA3SOR, K3MZ, K3AN; front N3IC, WA3OFC, WA3PYU, KG4NXZ, WA3KLK; not shown WA3LTJ, KG4OAP, N3HJB

Putting together VHF/UHF antennasPutting one quad togetherFrank assembling a quadBow and arrow
First things first: The antennas must go up! Jim and Wes work on the VHF/UHF antennas; Paul joins in; Frank ponders how one of his quads goes up; and Robert works on another skyhook

VHF/UHF antennasOne quad
Wire antennasCoaxial Stubs
What's most important: The antennas are up. VHF/UHF antennas (top left); one of the quads (top right); the wire antennas -- dipoles, 40 meter Moxon, another quad (above left); and Bill arranges the coaxial stubs (above right)
HF Operators:

K3AN; Drew supervises K3MZ and Bob supervises N3IC


WA3SOR (with XYL N3PLB overseeing), WA3PYU, and... our star performer yet again... N2AW!

VHF/UHF stationVHF/UHF stationVHF/UHF station
The VHF/UHF station: Wes and Jim (left); the equipment (center); and Paul (right)

Mike with ATV cameraATV receiver
Non-traditional Mode demonstration: Mike with his ATV camera and the live broadcast

Steve sets up the ringoAPRS station
Non-traditional Mode demonstration: Steve hooks up the ringo antenna, and his APRS station. Now we know where we are!

Solar Panel
Natural Power: Paul's trusty solar panel provides the "juice" once again for our natural power bonus QSO's

Frank and BillWinFD program
We couldn't live without it: Frank and Bill discuss Windows platform difficulties; but Bill's 2004 version of WinFD faithfully logs the QSO's (Bill secretly enjoys hearing our curses)

Drew prepares the grillWes and Bill prepare the grill
Stomaches are growling: Wanting to speed things up, after Drew prepares the grill, Wes and Bill -- against advice in The Mythical Man-Month -- think things will go faster with two cooks!

Paul and HikerMike and Hiker
Paul talks a visiting Appalachian Trail hiker into trying out the equipment; Mike helps him operate the GOTA station

A long nightDon't ask, don't tell
Some people at least have an excuse for being tired (left); but some actions defy explanation (right)

We went with two transmitters plus the VHF/UHF and GOTA stations, scoring 6836 plus 1000 bonus points. Alas, a new high again was too elusive! But it was our second best score, beat only in 2002. QSO breakdown:

Total: 906 cw x 2 = 1812 + 1606 phone = 3418 x 2 = 6836

Station List |  Log |  Summary Sheet

Bill's Activityand History Analyses

Frank's Club Score Comparison

Tracking results from Bill's WinFD program:

Operator Stats

Congratulations to our top contest op N2AW, who wins three years in a row!
Look at the last page in the Log file for breakdown by band/mode per operator

--- Results from December 2004 QST---

December 2004 QSTQST Score

We scored 27th out of 455 (94.3 percentile) non-battery / non-commercial power entries in the 2A category. We scored 29th out of the total 495 entries (94.3 percentile) in the 2A category (the largest category). We had the highest score in Maryland once again.

Entries ahead of us in the Atlantic Division (DEL, MDC, EPA, WPA, NNY, WNY, SNJ):

Duh... There are none!

(The overall 2A high score was 13,972)

2004 QSL card

Print out a QSL card (pdf format).
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(Photos by WA3KLK, K3MZ, WA3SOR, K3AN, and N3IC. Designed for viewing in 640 x 480 resolution)