Field Day 2006


Location: Washington Monument State Park (Middletown, Maryland)

Date: June 24-25, 2006

The Field Day group

The crew:
2006 attendees (left to right): K3AN, K3MZ, WA3PYU, KA3VXM, KG4URX, WA3OFC, Joel, N3IC, N2AW, WA3KLK, WA3SOR; Not shown: WA3IRQ, KI4LGI, WA3LTJ, Michael, Elaine

First, antennas must go up!

Dangerous RobertQuad preparing to rise

Quad UpVHF/UHF antennas6 meter antenna

Then, antennas must be checked and repaired!
Checking an antennaFrank with coax

Important Visitors
WI3NWI3N operatesRanger
The MDC Section Manager (WI3N) visits and makes a contact; the Park Ranger avidly follows the operation

Demonstration Mode
ATV receiverATV transmitter
Mike runs his ATV demonstration; and also made contact with WI3N operating ATV from his car!

Time to rack up some contest points!

Mike watches Steve; Bill

Kathy and MikeDrew
Kathy supervises Mike; Drew upping the rate

Andy and Bill -- operating in the Dark


Paul says everything's okay (but we won't mention the recurrance of last year's kiss); Frank coaches Itay (with Joel coaching Bob in the background); and star operator Bob. And now we know N2AW's secret to maximizinq QSO points: a good rest. Click here to relive his snoring in between Frank's vocal operating (with sympathy to Shana).

LeeJoel and FrankKathy

Lee skips out on wedding festivities to drop by and visit; Joel and Frank, when not in the heat of GOTA coaching; and Kathy joins us this year

High QSO rateBarbeque
Drew gets the QSO rate up pretty high;
Bob and Itay tend the barbeque grill

We went with two transmitters plus the VHF/UHF and GOTA stations, scoring 8016 plus 1810 bonus points. A new high! But it's not quite fair to compare, because of the changes in bonuses. QSO breakdown:

Total: 1094 cw x 2 = 2188 + 1820 phone = 4008 x 2 = 8016

Station List |  Log |  ARRL Submission

Bill's Activity and History Analyses

Tracking results from Bill's WinFD program:

Operator Stats

Congratulations to our top contest op N2AW, who wins five years in a row!
Look at the last page in the Log file for breakdown by band/mode per operator

--- Results from December 2006 QST ---
December 2006 QST2006 QST score

We scored 10th out of 456 (97.8 percentile) non-battery / non-commercial power entries in the 2A category. We scored 11th out of the total 486 entries (97.7 percentile) in the 2A category (the largest category). We had the highest score in the 3rd call district.

Entries ahead of us in the Atlantic Division (DEL, MDC, EPA, WPA, NNY, WNY, SNJ):

Duh... There are none!

(The overall 2A high score was 13,858 -- ours was 9,826)

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(Photos by WA3KLK, WA3IRQ, and N3IC. Designed to be viewable in 640 x 480 resolution)