Field Day 2013
(Revised 11/20/2013)


Location: Washington Monument State Park (Middletown, Maryland)

Date: June 22-23, 2013

Bill Savage K3AN, silent key
We dedicate FD2013 to his memory

Bill Savage memorial

At the end of 2012, we lost a friend who came to many Field Days with us. Paul prepared an attachment for our FD sign with some pictures to remember him with. Bill was responsible for many innovations at our Field Days, including antenna filters and the logging program he wrote for us and upgraded year after year.


Bill Savage K3AN, silent key Bill Savage K3AN, silent key Bill Savage K3AN, silent key Bill Savage K3AN, silent key

Field Day Group

The crew: 2013 attendees left to right: (front) K3MZ, AJ1DM, N3IC, WA3OFC; (back) Logan, W3MIT, WJ1M, KN3U, AG6DF, W3CID, WA3PYU, WA3KLK, WA3IRQ, KB3UNL, N2AW; Not shown: KB5WGT and behind camera KA3VXM

Setting Up

Setting up the Shelter Setting up the Shelter

Of course, upon arrival there is only the shelter with empty picnic tables. Everyone is busy unpacking, hooking up rigs, wiring, power devices, etc.

Setting up the Shelter Setting up the Shelter

The above-mentioned "power devices" which are quite a bit more sophisticated than the variac and battery charger we previously used; the NIH crew has constructed very professional equipment.

Computer Trouble! Computer Trouble! Tarp

This year we networked the N1MM logging programs on all of the laptops. But not without some initial troubleshooting involving a slew of "experts" on hand! At right, Bob and Robert put up the tarp to tame the sun and wind.

VHF/UHF tent

Before putting together the VHF-UHF table, Paul's mini-shack tent is first configured.

(Mostly) Phone Station CW Station VHF/UHF Station

Finally, the gear is ready (waiting for antennas): the [mostly] phone, cw, and VHF/UHF station equipment.

Hoisting Beam

It is a major operation to hoist the tribander mounted on Frank's "Rocket Launcher" tower -- but sufficient labor and management assignments are worked out.

Hoisting Beam

A second beam is on Frank's "Ladder" tower. (Okay, this pic is a bit of a fib as it really depicts taking it down. So think of time as fluidic in nature's fourth dimension and the result is the same.)


Tribander Beam

The triband yagi beam atop the rocket launcher; the beam on Frank's "Ladder" tower.

Dipole Dipole

The 80 meter dipole down in the field (not shown: the "upper" 80 meter vee and 40 meter moxon).

The wire quad

VHF and UHF antenna tower Cellphone Antenna

Paul's VHF/UHF antenna tower; Victor's Cellphone antenna.


Paul Paul
Paul (with after-effects of fight with ropes)

Mike Mike

Robert Robert, Drew Drew
Robert on cw, Drew on phone

Bob, Mike Drew
Bob & Mike, top operator Bob (on cw)

Victor John Lee
Victor, John, Lee

John, Victor John w/Frank, Robert
John with Victor, then Frank and Robert watching

Logan Al & John Joe & Al
more GOTA: Logan, Al & John, Joe & Al



Tents readied for the overnight



Bob Sleeps

Bob falls asleep on Sunday -- mid-conversation!!! But our top point-getter can do whatever he likes. At least this year we didn't record his snoring like in 2006 (actually that mp3 is a popular site download!)

John Drew eats
Richard Robert & Lee
Frank Gordon & Drew Gordon
Gordon & John Logan Kathy & Mike
Gordon, John, Lee Frank & Drew

Alas, MDC section manager Jim Cross WI3N did not make it to our site this year. Here is a power point presentation of his Field Day travels, plus a video of his various stops.

We went with two transmitters. QSO breakdown:

            80 phone - 136
            40 phone - 489
            20 phone - 437
            15 phone - 191
            6 phone - 15
            2 phone - 3
            432 phone - 1
            80 cw - 137
            40 cw - 582
            20 cw - 255
            15 cw - 204
            10 cw - 19
            GOTA phone - 136
            GOTA cw - 91

QSO's: 1288 cw x 2 = 2576 + 1408 phone = 3984 x 2 = 7968
+ 1310 bonus points = grand total 9,278

Logs & Analysis  |  Station List  |  ARRL Submission

Tracking results from N1MM:

QSO Point Operator Stats

          1. N2AW 444 cw (888 equivalent points)
          2. N3IC 422 cw (844 equivalent points)
          3. K3MZ 331 cw, 20 phone (682 equivalent points)
          4. WA3KLK 495 phone (495 equivalent points)
          5. WA3OFC 256 phone (256 equivalent points)
          6. WA3PYU 247 phone (247 equivalent points)
          7. AJ1DM 190 phone (190 equivalent points)
          8. WJ1M 67 cw (134 equivalent points)
          9. KN3U 24 cw, 24 phone (72 equivalent points)
          10. WA3IRQ 54 phone (54 equivalent points)
          11. W3MIT 43 phone (43 equivalent points)
          12. AG6DF 24 phone (24 equivalent points)
          13. Logan 23 phone (23 equivalent points)
          14. KB3UNL 14 phone (14 equivalent points)
          15. W3CID 10 phone (10 equivalent points)
          16. KB5WGT 8 phone (8 equivalent points)

Look at the Operators worksheet in the Logs & Analysis spreadsheet for breakdowns by band, mode, operator, bonus point allocation, pie charts, QSO rates, and more (operator rankings including bonus points differ slightly). New for this year: a year-to-year comparison worksheet!

N1MM's reports didn't work well with the combined phone/cw logging; but here's some info from the GOTA operators:

Field Day - 2013-06-22 1800Z to 2013-06-23 2100Z - 225 QSOs
K3MZ Max Rates:

2013-06-23 1016Z - 2.0 per minute  (1 minute(s)), 120 per hour by KN3U
2013-06-23 1404Z - 1.0 per minute  (10 minute(s)), 60 per hour by WJ1M
2013-06-23 1439Z - 0.6 per minute  (60 minute(s)), 33 per hour by WJ1M

K3MZ Runs (holding a frequency with CQ) >10 QSOs:

2013-06-23 1505 - 1532Z,  7153 kHz, 17 Qs, 38.1/hr AG6DF

--- Results from December 2013 QST ---

This was our second highest cw score ever; we ranked sixth in overall QSO points. See the RARC Home Page and the year-to-year worksheet in the spreadsheet for comparisons.

December 2013 QST2013 QST score

We scored eleventh out of 440 (97.5 percentile) in the 2A category. We had the highest score in the Atlantic Division (DEL, MDC, EPA, WPA, NNY, WNY, SNJ).

(The overall 2A high score was 20,696 -- ours was 9,278)

        2013 QSL card

        Print out a QSL card (pdf format).
        for the unzip password

Here are the 2013 FD Weblog notes. You can open them in the main browser window by clicking this.

RARC Home Page

(Photos by Logan, AJ1DM, K3MZ, WA3IRQ, WA3KLK. Designed to be viewable in 1024 width resolution)