Field Day 2019
(Revised 11/8/2019)

Field Day Sign

Location: Washington Monument State Park (Boonsboro, Maryland)

Date: June 22-23, 2019

Facebook: Randallstown ARC

HamCommunity: Randallstown/NIH ARC

Short Video by Logan

Field Day Group

The crew: 2019 attendees left to right: (rear) K3MZ, WA3PYU, K9ZU, N2AW, WA3LTJ; (middle) W4TG, W4DOI, K3SX, AJ1DM, WA3KLK, N2DA, Logan; (front) N3IC, KN3U; Not shown: W3MIT, K3MRI, W3CID, KB3LMA

The weather was perfect for the Friday antenna installation, and continued for a fantastic Saturday/Sunday plus a clean breakdown.

Setting Up

QuadCopter Generator

A crew arrived Friday afternoon and put up the Rocket Launcher, the beams, and the lower dipoles (no pics of those this year). First Jim tries to use a quadcopter to string up the antenna ropes, but a propeller and the fishline had a fatal attraction for one another (used the potato launcher instead). No pics this year of the rocket launcher assembly.

Potato Launcher Potato Launcher
Potato Launcher

John's Potato Launcher: first, he prepares it; then pumps up pressure; aims; and FIRE! (this worked better than Robert's bow and arrow purchased at Floyd's circa 1970)

Antenna Assembly Antenna Assembly

Paul and Logan assemble an antenna

Mike arranging coax Robert arranging coax

Mike is always climbing on things, here he is arranging coaxial cables neatly -- and Robert joins him

Frank Frank

Frank is invaluable to so many aspects of the enterprise: here he looks like he's assaying antenna arrangement, then seems to be helping Al with the logging program

Frank Frank Frank

Andy works on an antenna; we better know our knots! And the filters we use to reduce inter-station interference

Ropes and Cables Ropes and Cables Ropes and Cables

All of those ropes and cables don't arrange themselves!

Power Module Generator

One of Al's power centers; Logan's generator for battery charging


40/20/15 Dipole
40 Meter Beam 40 Meter Beam

The 40/20/15 Dipole and 40 Meter Inverted-Vee Wire Beam (difficult to see, the slightly bent vertical pole is supporting coax for the driven element); the "near" 80 Meter Dipole is behind it

20 Meter Yagi Guys

The 20 Meter Yagi, plus all of the supporting guy wires supporting it and the 40 Meter beam

Rocket Launcher Tribander Rocket Launcher Tribander

The Rocket Launcher Tribander; seemingly we can see the RF emanating from it illuminating the dusk sky!

VHF/UHF Antenna VHF/UHF Antenna

Some sort of VHF/UHF antenna


n3ic-w4doi-wa3klk Frank

Robert on cw with Alan monitoring (Drew in background on phone); Frank handling phone

Paul Bob

Paul and the indispensable Bob on CW

Robert Al Mike

Robert, Al, Mike

Victor FT8 Screen

Victor runs FT8 and handles messages

John John

John AJ1DM sans potato launcher


Sid K3SX and John W3MIT

Bill K9ZU

Bill and George K9ZU

Alan Mike and Joseph

Alan W4DOI; Mike coaches Joseph KB3LMA

Drew Crew

Drew on phone; a busy crew

Night Falls


Andy brings a multitude of LED arrays to keep the monsters at bay

Andy N2DA Robert

Andy, Craig N2DA, Robert

Joseph and John K9ZU

Joseph KB3LMA and John W3MIT; George K9ZU


(Before dark we had set up our overnight tents)

Youth Participation

Alice Eve Key

At the GOTA Station: with Paul's help visiting sisters Alice and Eve make one QSO each (9 and 12 years old), and Eve fashions a straight key out of a clothespin

Relaxing + Food

Drew and Carl Victor

Our non-ham friend from Randallstown HS, Carl, makes the trek from Kentucky just to visit (now a recently retired math professor) with Drew; Victor in between tasks

Drew Bob Logan Craig

Drew, Bob, Logan, Craig


This looks like a selfie from Carnegie Mellon U. with Frank, John, and Craig -- where's Mike?

Provisions Fire on the Grill

The provisions had their own table; the "self-starting" charcoal stubbornly refused to light until we utilized non-approved methods to elicit actual flame (safety officer neither saw nor approved this action)

Fire on the Grill Fire on the Grill

Success! Burgers on the Barbie.


Power Usage Breakdown

We used about 10 KWH of energy over the weekend. Breakdown and cleanup is no trivial task. It takes 2-3 hours!

Breakdown Breakdown Breakdown
Breakdown Breakdown
Hotshot Breakdown Breakdown

A car needed a hotshot and some of us were surprised when Paul got it started with a cellphone-size battery!

Breakdown Breakdown

We made sure to leave behind a pristine nature area

We went with three transmitters:

Scoring Ranking

QSO's: 1348 cw/digital x 2 = 2696
+ 1584 phone (GOTA contributed 368) = 4280 x 2 = 8560
+ 1850 bonus points = grand total 10,410

Logs & Analysis  |  Station List  |  ARRL Submission  |  W1AW Message

Congratulations to Bob, who dominates as our top operator! Look at the Operators worksheet in the Logs & Analysis spreadsheet for breakdowns by band, mode, operator, bonus point allocation, pie charts, QSO rates, and more (operator rankings including bonus points differ slightly). The year-to-year comparison worksheet is updated.

--- Results from December 2019 QST ---

This was our highest cw score except for 2018; our highest phone and total score in recent years except for 2017; and our highest GOTA score since 2014. Of course, most of the other years were 1A or 2A! See the RARC Home Page and the year-to-year worksheet in the spreadsheet for comparisons.

December 2019 QST2019 QST score

We scored 6th out of 309 (98 percentile) in the 3A category. We had the high score in MDC and second highest score in the Atlantic Division (DEL, MDC, EPA, WPA, NNY, WNY, SNJ).

(The overall 3A high score was 13,546 -- ours was 10,410)

        2019 QSL card

        Print out a QSL card (pdf format).
        for the unzip password

Here are the 2019 FD Weblog notes. You can open them in the main browser window by clicking this.

RARC Home Page

(Photos and videos by W4TG, K3MRI, N2DA, Logan, N3IC . Designed to be viewable in 1024 width resolution)