Field Day 2023

The BIG One+3!!! 53rd Consecutive Field Day!!!

Location: Washington Monument State Park (Middletown, Maryland)

Date: June 24-25, 2023 -- 144 Days to Go!!!

Shelter: #2

Shelter #2

Directions: I-70 to exit #49; turn left at stop sign and go west onto Alt 40; at the Frederick/Washington county line, turn right at the park sign. When entering the park, shelter #2 is on the right.

Park Map

This is the same shelter we used in 2002-2022.

Attendance Confirmations (replace .AT. with @)

          "Victor Cid W3CID" <> (graveyard shift)
          "Walter Lamar KB5WGT" <> (GOTA)
          "John Greene W3MIT" <>
          "Drew H. Wolfe WA3KLK" <>
          "Frank Stein W4TG" <>
          "Gordon Schunick AG6DF" <>
          "Joe Meo WJ1M" <>
          "Lee Nackman WA3IRQ" <>
          "Mike King WA3PYU" <>
          "Kathy King KA3VXM" <>
          "Paul Konigsburg K3MZ" <>
          "Robert Collidge N2AW" <>
Yes       "Robert E. Glaser N3IC" <>
          "Steve Kennick AI3KS" <>
          "Logan Miller" <>, <>
          "Wes & Emily Gurney KG4NXZ" <>
          "Itay Eshet KG4URX" <>
          "Bruce Semple WA3SWJ" <>
          "Jim Cole N3ZJ" <>
          "Mark K4SO" <>
          "Terry Berman KI3C" <>
          "Adam N1KO" <>
          "Steve Struharik WA8EIH" <>
          "John KB8ZJF"
          "John Merkel AJ1DM" <>
          "Richard Christin KB3UNL" <>
          "Al Taylor KN3U" <>
          "Jim Alyanak K3MRI" <>
          "Alan Doi W4DOI" <>
          "Sid Shusterman K3SX" <>
          "Craig Szczutkowski N2DA" <>
          "Ross Merlin WA2WDT" <>

Contest Logging Program

We are using the N1MM Logger+ this year. Please read my Super Simple Instructions.

Better yet, download it to gain familiarity; read the documentation and watch the videos.

Other Documents

Frank's antenna/operator plans: Powerpoint slides PDF format

Al's remote operation explanation: PDF format

Andy's COVID-19 plan: Word version PDF version

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