Field Day '98

Location: Washington Monument State Park (Boonsboro, Maryland)

Date: June 27-28, 1998

1998 attendees: N3IC, N2AW, WA3PYU, WA3KLK, N3ZYU, K3AN, WA3OFC, WA3SOR, N3PLB, WA3IRQ, Rachel and Sam N.

Group shotLaptop

Those still here on Sunday: front l-r WA3SOR, K3AN, WA3KLK; center N3ZYU, N2AW, WA3PYU, WA3OFC; back N3IC; N3PLB behind camera. And could we still operate FD without Bill's program running on the laptop? (Curse it though we might)

Coaxial stubsBill & Paul

Coaxial stubs overhead, Lee and Drew handle the phone xmtr while Bob takes care of cw business (left); then Paul and Bill take over those respective stations (right)

Quad erectionGrill

Frank directs Paul and Drew on proper quad installation (left); Bob points out his expert culinary skills (right)

ET is here!Lee and Drew

Catherine logs for ET, aka Mike (left); Lee logs for Drew while Steve handles cw (right)

Scenic OverlookOperating at the monument

At the monument: Bill, Paul, and Frank armstrong the six meter beam to zero in on the VE6 contacted

The NackmansThe Kennicks

Families that operate together: Sam, Rachel, and Lee (left); Catherine and Steve (right)

Nighttime fallsN3IC

Nightfall brings a continuous cool rain and wind -- so much for sweltering in the summer -- and up goes the tarp. The whole crew dons jackets (left); later N3IC takes on the cw bands in the wee hours of the morning (right)

We went with two transmitters, scoring 4574 plus an expected 700 bonus points. QSO breakdown:

Dupe Sheets

From December QST:

The 2A category is the largest. We had the highest score in Maryland, and ranked 72 out of the 606 entries.

Entries ahead of us in 3-land were:

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