Field Day '99

Field Day '99 sign

Location: Gambrill State Park (Frederick, Maryland)

Date: June 26-27, 1999

We came back to Gambrill because the shelters were being renovated at Washington Monument State Park.

Group shotAndy and Frank

1999 attendees: l-r WA3OFC, N3IC, WA3PYU, N2AW in front row; WA3SOR, N3ZYU, ZS1MP, K3AN in back row; at right, WA3LTJ, N3ZPQ; N3PLB camera-shy

Frank & his solar cellsSolar CellsSolar Cell Description

Once again, Frank faithfully brings the Edmund Scientific broken pieces of solar cells he had assembled for Field Day use years ago. It may not look pretty, but it does the job! (charging nicads enough to gain five natural power QSO's.) This is the less athletic solution than the bicycle generator used a number of years back.

Steve operates cw xmtrMike operates phone xmtr

Steve keeps the cw transmittter going (left), while Mike does duty at the phone station (right)

PaulBob and Buddy
Paul takes the mike at left; Bob and Buddy take the [virtual] key at right

Robert and MikeFrank and Mike
Mike assists Robert operating cw at left; then he handles the antenna mast for Frank at the VHF station at right (or is he trying to climb a beanstalk?)

Six meter operationSnake

Bill operates, Buddy supervises, and Paul holds the antenna mast for the six meter station (left); Bill pokes a stick at a visiting black snake adjacent to the generator (right)

ZS1MP QSL card

Buddy ZS1MP definitely takes the prize for arriving at RARC's FD site from the greatest distance: South Africa. Here is his QSL card, which actually shows his QTH.

We went with two transmitters, scoring 5322 plus 800 bonus points. QSO breakdown:

From December QST:

QST Results

We scored 46th out of 585 entries in the 2A category, which is the largest. With a new high in points, we had the highest score in Maryland once again.

Entries ahead of us in 3-land were:

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