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University Microcontroller Trainer (UMT-1)
UMT-1 Photo

The UMT-1 provides a hardware platform to teach microcontroller programming and to program chips for use in other projects. It is designed for practical classroom/laboratory use. Students learn a variety of microcontrollers to better gain a feel for generic concepts without sole reliance on a single semiconductor manufacturer's architecture.

UMT-1 Features

Students can learn the microcontroller subject matter in a formal class and lab setting, making use of the board's I/O hardware and interface software; and subsequently use the UMT-1 as a design and test platform to program microcontrollers for use as control elements in later project-based courses.

Programming the 68HC08, 8051, and eZ8 in Assembly Language
Second Edition

Front Cover
ISBN 0-9772246-1-9 (216 pages)
About the Author

This is a two-semester undergraduate course in microcontrollers. Click for the Table of Contents and other preview material (pdf). Generic information on the 68HC908JK3, C8051F330D, Z8F0421, and 68HC908QT4 is provided along with excerpts from the manufacturer documentation sufficient for students to program these parts with no additional references required. Students begin with sample programs for each processor to get familiar with the architecture and programming language. Some of the hands-on assignments are:

The assignments are intended to cover basic assembly language programming for each microcontroller family; simple input/output port operations; interrupts; timers; asynchronous serial communication; digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversions; and flash programming.

Videos of some student assignments

I know that flash videos aren't supported by many systems nowadays -- I have to convert those shown below. However one student (Taj El-Khalili) provided these for the second semester with links in this document.


68HC908JK3 interface

The 68HC908JK3 interface is either P&E Microcomputer Systems' USB-ML-MON08 (USB, shown in photo) or MON08 Multilink (parallel port version). The software is their ICS08JLZ Development Kit.

C8051F330D interface

The C8051F330D interface is Silicon Laboratories' C8051F330DK Development Kit. Previous kits use a serial port; now shipping with a USB interface instead. The IDE v1.9 software is included with the kit. Under their University Program, the kit can be purchased at a 50% discount. (Digikey part numbers 336-1068, 336-1264; Mouser part number 634-C8051F330DK.)

Z8F0421 interface

The Z8F0421 interface is Zilog's Z8F08200100KIT Development Kit. It uses a serial port. The ZDS II v4.9.5 software is included with the kit. (Digikey part numbers 269-3183, 269-4630; Mouser part number 692-Z8F08200100KIT.)

68HC908QT4 interface

The 68HC908QT4 interface is either P&E Microcomputer Systems' USB-ML-MON08 (USB) or MON08 Multilink (parallel port version, shown in photo). The software is their ICS08QTQYZ Development Kit.