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Libertarian Party of Maryland

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Central Committee Minutes

Minutes of the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party
of Maryland -- Saturday, 3 March 2012

Opening: The Libertarian State Central Committee of Maryland met at Squire's Italian Restaurant in Dundalk, Maryland. The meeting was called to order at 5:14 pm by chairman Bob Johnston. The Treasurer's report, Program Committee recommendation, 8/13/2011 CC minutes, National Convention Delegate applicant list, and Agenda were distributed.

Attendance: the Credentials Committee consisted of: Robert Glaser; Mark Grannis; and Doug McNeil. It validated that 22 Central Committee members were in attendance for the meeting. The Central Committee rolls consist of 35 members.

Minutes: The minutes of the 13 August 2011 Central Committee meeting were accepted as submitted.

Treasurer's report: The Treasurer's report was accepted as submitted by Michael Linder.

Chair's Report: Bob Johnston reported that membership is 88 as of 2/12; registration is 9,795 as of 1/31. We have spots for nine candidates: 1 U.S. Senate, 8 U.S. House. To run candidates, we must have ballot access; thanks to Mark Grannis, we do – although we await the Court of Appeals decision on yesterday's hearing. Two times Bob was ready to seriously quit the party and movement: first was the death of a college roommate in a car accident; doesn't know why, just lost interest in politics for a month. The second was the day after election day, Nov. 2010. Despondent, he felt like we had taken a step back. Spoke with several: Muir, Lorenzo, Robert G., Bill R., Mark G. Dean called later and cheered him up. 16 months later, more optimistic than ever about rolling back govt. The Ron Paul movement presents a 10-20% voting block with a young and passionate following. We need to harness this Libertarian block. It is enough to effect change. We don't need to win elections (nice, but...); if we can get just a 10% vote for federal office consistently (without money or celebrity), or 5% for President, it will Force D's & R's to alter just to survive (Dems: gun control; Kratovil; Mark Warner, VA). Doubt 2012 is "the year", but something significant will happen within the next three pres. cycles (2020). We need to get organized, when a chunk of voters are ready for an alternative. We are positioned to be that alternative. He has a positive outlook for freedom.

Jim Lark: Dean Ahmad asked about the floor fee for national delegates. Dr. Lark is against it, but is not sure about the rest of the LNC. Good report from a recent Students for Liberty meeting.

Delegates to the National Convention: Lorenzo Gaztaņaga, Chris Doscher, Mark Grannis, Scott Soffen, Eric Blitz, Stuart Simms, George Reynolds, Erin Carrington Smith, Tim Sutton, Dean Ahmad, Scott Spencer, Bruce Majors, Mike Linder, Arvin Vohra, Tanuja Paruchuri, Michelle Classe-Friend, and Derek Pomery were nominated and approved as delegates. Steve Boone and Darlene Nicholas were nominated and approved as alternates. The Secretary is directed to fill out the delegate and alternate lists with remaining Central Committee members. We are allotted 20 delegates plus 50 alternates.

Nominations of Candidates for Statewide Office: Mike Calpino was nominated for U.S. Congress 1st district; the nomination was rejected on a voice vote. Arvin Vohra was nominated for U.S. Congress 5th district; the nomination was approved on a voice vote. Mark Grannis was nominated for U.S. Congress 8th district; the nomination was approved on a voice vote.

Officer Elections: The following were nominated as officers: Robert Johnston III, Stuart Simms, Tanuja Paruchuri, Robert Glaser, Michael Linder, Arvin Vohra, and Mark Grannis. As there were no more than seven nominations and there were no objections, the nominations were voted upon as a slate; a voice vote approved the slate.

Resolution: Dean Ahmad proposed the following resolution: "Whereas the Libertarian Party bylaws do not authorize a floor fee for delegates, whereas in forty years of LP conventions no attempt to impose a floor fee on delegates has ever been sustained, and whereas the imposition of any floor fee constitutes an unjustified interference in the right of the affiliate parties to select their own delegates to the national convention, therefore the Maryland LP hereby rebukes the convention oversight committee's attempt to impose such a fee as a condition of delegates performing their function at the business meeting, urges the LNC to reverse the proposed floor fee, and instructs our delegates to oppose, and if necessary make motions from the floor to invalidate, any such fee as it may be used to prevent any delegate from access to the business of the convention." The resolution was passed on a voice vote.

Program Committee's Report: the Program Committee recommended:

    Proposed change 1: Add a fourth bullet to the Land Use, Transportation, and the Environment section: "Insisting on maintaining local control of zoning decisions." PASSED on a voice vote.

    Proposed change 2: Replace "within the government public school system" with "in education" in the first bullet in the Education section. PASSED on a voice vote.

Announcements: Susan Gaztaņaga asked for more time to raise money to nominate Dean Ahmad for U.S. Senate; Michael Linder notes that logic tests are scheduled at various county Boards of Elections; Robert Glaser reminded all that MdLP license plates are available to our members, contact him for the authorizing MVA form; he also has MdLP caps for sale.

Adjournment: the Central Committee meeting adjourned at 6:48 pm.

--Robert E. Glaser

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