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Libertarian Party of Maryland

CC Minutes | | PDF format

Central Committee Minutes

Minutes of the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party
of Maryland -- Saturday, 19 May 2012

Opening: The Libertarian State Central Committee of Maryland met at Robert Glaser's home in Owings Mills, Maryland. The meeting was called to order at 1:25 pm by chairman Bob Johnston.

Attendance: 13 Central Committee members were in attendance for the meeting; two proxies were represented. The Central Committee rolls consist of 40 members.

Nominations of Candidates: The following candidates were nominated: Senate, Dean Ahmad; House, Muir Boda (1st), Leo Dymowski (2nd), Paul Drgos Jr. (3rd), Scott Soffen (4th), Nickolaus Mueller (6th) on the condition that he register Libertarian by May 29, Ronald Owens-Bey (7th). Each was approved unanimously by a voice vote.

Presidential Electors: The following were voted as Presidential Electors committed to Gary Johnson: Bob Johnston, Tanuja Paruchuri, Robert Glaser, Michael Linder, Susan Gaztaņaga, Steve Boone, Bill Buzzell, Stuart Simms, Lorenzo Gaztaņaga, and Eric Blitz.

Bill Buzzell: upcoming fairs: Sunday June 17 Gay Pride in Druid Hill park $175 for booth; Wednesday 4th of July $25; both voted Yes. Reisterstown Festival Saturday Sept. 8 ($250) voted No for fair, Yes for parade. Sunday Sept. 16 Essex Day $80 voted Yes. Fells Point Oct. 6/7 (Sat./Sun.) $100-$150 voted Yes.

Resolution: The MdLP opposes the current congressional redistricting plan and encourages all with an interest in this issue to sign the online petition opposing the current plan and to vote in favor of the referendum to repeal it in the Nov. election. Passes on a voice vote.

Adjournment: the Central Committee meeting adjourned at 3:14 pm.

--Robert E. Glaser

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