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Adopt-A-Highway cleanup - October 11, 2008
Adopt-A-Highway cleanup
Lorenzo Gaztaņaga, Mike Fewster, and Bill Buzzell do roadwork.

Fells Point Fun Festival - October 4/5, 2008
Booth Lorenzo Gaztaņaga administers The Quiz
Bill Buzzell at the booth; Lorenzo Gaztaņaga administers The Quiz.

Essex Day Festival - September 21, 2008
Candidate Signs Lorenzo Gaztaņaga
Candidate signs at the booth; Lorenzo Gaztaņaga.

VIP Wine & Cheese Reception and Candidate Forum - September 6, 2008
3 Candidates at VIP Reception
Candidates Gary Hoover, Sr., Darlene Nicholas, LNC Chair Bill Redpath, and Lorenzo Gaztaņaga at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City.

Picnic - August 9, 2008
Central Committee Meeting
Bob Johnston conducts the Central Committee meeting

Raising money Congressional Candidates
Susan Gaztaņaga raises outreach funds; Congressional Candidates Lorenzo Gaztaņaga (2nd), Darlene Nicholas (5th), Gary Hoover, Sr. (6th)

Hamilton Fair - July 26, 2008
Lorenzo Gaztaņaga and Bill Barry

Bill Barry, prominent Baltimore City Green, offered Lorenzo Gaztaņaga the use of his space at the 15th Annual Hamilton Street Festival and Car Show. Bill and Lorenzo shake hands for clear, honest, and transparent governance, and ending the Iraq War and the Patriot Act.

Central Committee Meeting - July 8, 2008
Ian Thomas July 8, 2008 CC Meeting
Ian Thomas nominated as candidate
for U.S. Congress, 8th district

Independence Day Parade - July 4, 2008
Parade Banner
The MdLP at the Dundalk Parade
(Lorenzo Gaztaņaga, Susan Gaztaņaga, Bill Buzzell, Darlene Nicholas)

Parade Car Parade Car

Lorenzo Gaztaņaga

National Convention - May 25, 2008
MdLP Delegation
The MdLP Delegation in Denver, Colorado
(Spear Lancaster, Nick Sarwark, Michael Linder, Darlene Nicholas, Susan Gaztaņaga, Stuart Simms, Dean Ahmad, Derek Pomery, Lorenzo Gaztaņaga -- Steve Boone not in pic)

Break time

Susan turns in second ballot
Susan turns in second ballot

Video here. (photos courtesy Susan Gaztaņaga)

Central Committee Meeting - May 19, 2008
Gary Hoover, Sr. May 19, 2008 CC Meeting
Gary Hoover, Sr. nominated as candidate
for U.S. Congress, 6th district

Towsontowne Spring Festival - May 3/4, 2008
Towsontowne Booth
The Booth

Quiz Taker Scoring
A fair-goer takes the Quiz and Bill reviews it

MdLP Convention - March 1, 2008
Squire's Italian Restaurant in Dundalk
Kevin ZeeseJim Lark
Kevin Zeese and Jim Lark address the Convention

Bob Johnston
Chair Bob Johnston runs the Central Committee meeting

MdLP Candidates for U.S. Congress
Richard Davis Lorenzo Gaztaņaga Sebastian Sassi
Richard Davis (1st), Lorenzo Gaztaņaga (2nd),
Sebastian Sassi (3rd)

Thibeaux Lincecum Darlene Nicholas Ronald Owens-Bey
Thibeaux Lincecum (4th), Darlene Nicholas (5th),
Ronald Owens-Bey (7th)

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