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Libertarian Party of Maryland

The Libertarian Party of Maryland is a proactive organization for change!  Join the party today and let your voice for freedom be heard!  Click the credit cards at the left, or mail a check and this membership form in. There are many added benefits to joining the state party as well, including a subsciption to the Free? State Libertarian.

Libertarian Party of Maryland
PO Box 176
Abingdon, MD 21009-0176

Phone: 1-800-MLP-1776

Building Our Grassroots Network
Stay connected with your fellow
Libertarian Party members and enthusiasts!

Contact persons for county organizations, as well as the state party officers and other contacts.

State Program
A plan for the first steps to restoring freedom in Maryland.

Constitution of the Libertarian Party of Maryland
The underlying document along with the Bylaws.

Central Committee Minutes
The record of the governing body of the Libertarian Party of Maryland.

Ballot Access Action
Instructions and forms to register Libertarians and collect petition signatures.  Both are required to continue official Maryland Board of Elections recognition of our party!

MdLP License Plates
Proudly display your affiliation!

Calendar of Events
What's happening, when, and where!  Also contains an historical record of past activities.

Current and past issues of The Free? State Libertarian.

Photo Album
The cameraman caught us when we weren't looking.

Audio & Video Archives
Check out media appearances by Maryland libertarians!

Email Lists/Blogs
Join some of these email lists for the latest info and goings on.

Samuel P. Chase Freedom Award
Recipient record.

Speakers Bureau
Request a speaker at your event.

We support smokers' rights!

Legislation Action
Proposed bills, etc.  Write your representatives!

Read what Maryland Libertarians have to say.

Online Documents
Membership form, Petition Signature form, etc.

Ballot Calculator
Transferable Ballot Method of Proportional Representation Tabulator: test different voting schemes!

Membership Database
Authorized users only.