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Anyone may become a member
of The Libertarian Party of Maryland:

To become a voting member of the MdLP Central Committee, you must be a paid-up MdLP member; certify agreement with the principle set forth in Article II of the MdLP Constitution (the non-aggression principle); be registered as a Libertarian, unless registration as a Libertarian is not permitted; and not be registered as affiliated with any other political party. (Article IV Section 2) For more information, contact the .

Libertarian License Plates:

Libertarian Party license plates are available in Maryland! Help advertise the MdLP as you drive through the state.

Membership in the Libertarian
Party of Maryland
gets you:

  • Automatic membership in your local county chapter for local activities and social events
  • Subscription to the Free? State Libertarian
  • Notices of at least three state-wide meetings each year, including the convention and a summer picnic.