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Holiday Party - December 6, 2012
Holiday Party Holiday Party

With the elections over, it was time to relax. The party was held in Stuart Simms' "Man Cave" in Laurel.

Holiday Party Holiday Party

Holiday Party Holiday Party

Holiday Party

No matter how many times he tries, your photographer remains unable to get a shot of Tony with his eyes open!

Fells Point Fun Festival - October 6, 2012
Erin Carrington, Eric Blitz, and Kirin at Fells Point Festival Paul and Sophia Drgos at Fells Point Festival

Left: Erin Carrington, Eric Blitz, and Kirin. Right: Lorenzo Gaztaņaga and Congressional candidate Paul Drgos with daughter Sophia (handing out cards saying, "Vote for my Dad"). The booth was rained out on Sunday.

Founders Freedom Club - October 4, 2012
Dean Ahmad at Founders Freedom Club Dean Ahmad at Founders Freedom Club

Senatorial candidate Dean Ahmad makes his case during a candidate forum at the Founders Freedom Club at the Ellicott City Miller Library. The club is a group of staunch Republicans.

Dean Ahmad at Founders Freedom Club

Reisterstown Parade - September 8, 2012
Reisterstown Parade

We had quite a good size crew marching from the Food Lion south to the old Ames shopping center. Partly sunny (with a headwind having its way with our signs acting as sails). Photos courtesy Susan Gaztaņaga.

Reisterstown Parade Reisterstown Parade Reisterstown Parade

Jason drives his 1980 International Traveler carrying candidate Dean Ahmad (center) and Eric Blitz (right) promoting the Gary Johnson campaign.

Reisterstown Parade

Candidate Leo Dymowski (at right) with his campaign supporters

Greenbelt Information Day - September 1, 2012
Candidate Dean Ahmad and staff
Greenbelt Information Day

Left to right: Susan Gaztaņaga, campaign manager, Jack Jones, Member of Issues Committee, the candidate, Dean Ahmad, Ben Parker, volunteer, Lorenzo Gaztaņaga, Campaign Chair.

Chesapeake Pride Festival - August 4, 2012
Mayo Beach Park
Chesapeake Pride Festival
Bill Buzzell, Scott Spencer, and Ron Kean at the MdLP booth

Chesapeake Pride Festival Chesapeake Pride Festival

Dean Ahmad solicits votes while petition signatures are requested (Eric Blitz behind camera)

MdLP Summer Picnic - July 28, 2012
Arvin Vohra's home in Bethesda
Lots of people showed up for the annual picnic

Chef Picnic

Arvin demonstrated his grilling skills (the photographer didn't think to snap this shot until the cooking was completed)

Gary Johnson Supporters - July 25, 2012
Shawan Road in Hunt Valley

Maryland campaign organizer Eric Blitz supplies campaign materials to Maryland supporters. Gary himself was unable to make an appearance because he had media appointments in New York. But his van was supposed to be here sans Gary. Guess what? The van broke down in Washington D.C. (Washington breaks everything!!!)

Signs Helicopter

Is there any doubt that this Shawan Road resident supports Gary Johnson for President? Uh-oh, a police helicopter keeps circling our meet-up. Are they that afraid of Libertarians?

Independence Day Parade - July 4, 2012
Bill Buzzell
Parade banner

Parade organizer Bill Buzzell leads the MdLP'ers carrying the flag, immediately followed by the banner

Dean Ahmad Dean Ahmad and Leo Dymowski

Candidates Dean Ahmad and Leo Dymowski ride, walk, and work the crowd along the way

Johnson sign Liberty Pkwy

Eric Blitz and helpers promote presidential candidate Gary Johnson; our members certainly appreciated marching along Liberty Parkway!

Erin Carrington Smith Robert Glaser

Erin Carrington Smith escorts candidates in her red convertible; Robert Glaser marks the end of the MdLP parade crew on his Yamaha

Central Committee Meeting - May 19, 2012
Owings Mills
Nominated Candidates

Candidates nominated for U.S. Congress (pictured left-to-right): Paul Drgos (House, 3); Leo Dymowski (House, 2); Dean Ahmad (Senate); Muir Boda (House, 1); not pictured are Scott Soffen (House, 4); Nickolaus Mueller (House, 6); and Ronald Owens-Bey (House, 7).

Towsontown Spring Festival - May 5/6, 2012
Always a big draw
Bill Buzzell and Lorenzo Gaztaņaga setting up booth
Bill Buzzell and Lorenzo Gaztaņaga setting up the booth

Joe and Kyle Pomykala, and Lorenzo

Joe and Kyle Pomykala, and Lorenzo. Susan Gaztaņaga and Mike Fewster behind camera. (Many MdLP activists were in Las Vegas for the national convention.) A lot of people took the quiz, and Susan et. al. registered three new Libertarians.

National Convention - May 2-6, 2012
Las Vegas
The Maryland Delegation
The Maryland Delegation

Joe and Kyle Pomykala, and Lorenzo Joe and Kyle Pomykala, and Lorenzo

Left: Erin Carrington, Mark Grannis, Scott Spencer, Mike Linder, and George Reynolds of the MdLP delegation. Right: VP nominee Judge Gray and Dean Ahmad.

MdLP Convention - March 3, 2012
Squire's Italian Restaurant in Dundalk
(Audio recordings
Carla Howell at Convention

Carla Howell at Convention

New National LP Executive Director Carla Howell addresses the state convention

Paul Dembowsky

Paul Dembowsky from
Maryland Shall Issue
Paul Dembowsky

Christopher Doscher Eric Blitz Lorenzo Gaztaņaga

Our delegates to the National Convention in May will be voting for the Presidential nomination -- Christopher Doscher speaks for Carl Person; Eric Blitz for Gary Johnson; and Lorenzo Gaztaņaga for Lee Wrights.

Jim Lark Bill Redpath
Jim Lark (with Bob Johnston behind) and Bill Redpath speak

<i>Samuel P. Chase Freedom</i> Award

Doug McNeil presents Mark Grannis the Samuel P. Chase Freedom silver coin for Herculean ballot access work

Joe Seehusen Stuart Simms

Former LP Executive Director Joe Seehusen is the banquet speaker (brandishing his worse-for-wear Declaration of Independence coffee mug). Stuart Simms rejoins the Executive Board after an eleven+ year hiatus. Welcome also to Tanuja Paruchuri who joins the Board. Thanks to outgoing Board members Muir Boda and Lorenzo Gaztaņaga.

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