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Strategy Planning Meeting - December 13, 2003
Strategy Meeting
Strategy MeetingStrategy MeetingStrategy Meeting
The meeting was held at the Rocky Run Tap & Grill in Columbia

Central Committee Meeting - November 23, 2003
Central Committee meeting
Fred ChildressComfort Inn
The meeting was held in College Park. Top: Chip Spangler goes over Constitutional changes. Above left: LNC representative Fred Childress.

November 2, 2003
Gary Nolan at FairTax meeting

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Nolan stopped in to visit Maryland libertarians at a FairTax meeting at Steve Sass' home in Pikesville (photo with Spear Lancaster); immediately afterward he trekked down to Prince George's county to meet more libertarians at the 94th AeroSquadron.
(photo credit Erica Brown)

Petition Turn-in - October 24, 2003
Roy at the SBERoy Meyers with Mary Wagner
At the SBE

Determined vice-chair Roy J. Meyers III arrives at the State Board of Elections in Annapolis (top left) carrying 11,675 party rerecognition petition signatures. Accepting them from a somewhat relieved Roy on behalf of the state (top right) is Mary Cramer Wagner, Deputy Director. Above, chair Chip Spangler signs final documentation as Spear Lancaster (who is well acquainted with petition requirements) and a state worker observe the proceedings.

Fells Point Festival - October 4/5, 2003
Fells Point Festival

Essex Day - September 21, 2003
Essex Day

Reister's Towne Festival - September 6/7, 2003
The Booth

Booth VisitorsBooth VisitorsBooth Visitors
Talking to booth visitors and collecting petition signatures

J. Millard Tawes Crab & Clam Bake - July 16, 2003

27th Annual J. Millard Tawes Crab & Clambake

A crew from the Maryland Libertarian Party again made the trek to Crisfield in southern Maryland to attend the 27th Annual J. Millard Tawes Crab and Clam Bake. It looked like rain might dowse the event, but that never occurred, and the clouds instead kept the heat to a manageable level.

Tawes contingentEntrance Gate
The contingent (Robert Glaser, Michael Linder, Kurt Saberg, Rachel Ridout, Chuck Andrasco, Ruth Andrasco, Spear Lancaster, Chip Spangler); the entrance gate

Picking crabmeatA crabMeeting and Greeting people
Rachel demonstrates how to pick crabmeat; Kurt inspects a Maryland crab; Spear introduces Chip to politicos.

MdLP Summer Picnic - July 13, 2003

The pavilion in Savage Park

Spear cooksChip chairs
Spear Lancaster, grillmaster; Chip Spangler chairs meeting

Eating, talking...

Milling around, listening...

Roy with footballNick and Rich with frisbeeKatrina and Rich with frisbee
Roy J. Meyers III, Johnny U. pretender; Rich Goldman frisbeeing with Nick Sarwark and Katrina Groth

Photo credit: Luke Bryan

Dundalk Independence Day Parade - July 4, 2003

Dundalk ParadeTrailing Car

The Maryland Libertarian Party was well represented at the 69th annual Dundalk Heritage Parade. Bill Buzzell drove his car, preceded by the Culpepper Militia Flag ("Don't Tread on the..."), "Old Glory," and the Libertarian Party of Maryland banner. A total of 11, including two children, walked the approximately two mile route through Dundalk. As the procession passed by each of the two reviewing stands, they were introduced to the crowd as "The third largest political party in the nation."

Towsontowne Festival - May 3/4, 2003

Towsontowne BoothBill Buzzell solicites petition signatures
The LP booth; Bill Buzzell solicits petition signatures

MdLP Convention - April 26, 2003
Old Station 8 Firehouse, Gaithersburg

Nick SarwarkConvention Crowd
Chairman Nick Sarwark opens the convention; attendees

Sharon HarrisCandidates
Sharon Harris, president of Advocates for Self-Government; Libertarian public candidates

Jan HelfeldRon CrickenbergerKen Krawchuk
Jan Helfeld from the Free State Project; Ron Crickenberger from National LP HQ; Ken Krawchuk, chair Pennsylvania LP

Alex Koroknay-PaliczSteve WilsonSteve SassSpear Lancaster
Alex Koroknay-Palicz, president of National Youth Rights Association; Steve Wilson, chair Montgomery County LP; Steve Sass, from Fairtax; Spear Lancaster

Award WinnersLorenzo the Auctioneer
Award winners Susan Gaztañaga, Chip Spangler, Katie Marshall, Steve Sass, Lorenzo Gaztañaga, George Reynolds, Steve Wilson, presenter Nick Sarwark, Spear Lancaster; Lorenzo is dynamic auctioneer

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