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Reisterstown Festival - September 10/11, 2011
The MdLP had a booth at the Reisterstown Festival.
Reisterstown Festival
People peruse the Quiz's cumulative chart for the festival.

Picnic - August 13, 2011
Held at Dave and Renée Sten's grounds in North East
Picnic Picnic
About 20 MdLP'ers enjoy camaraderie
(despite a miserable rainy day)

Picnic Picnic
Bob Johnston conducts the meeting

Towsontowne Spring Festival -
April 30/May 1, 2011
Setup Setup Setup
Bill Buzzell sets up; Lorenzo gathers fuel

Booth Booth
Lorenzo/Susan Gaztaņaga, Bill Buzzell; Bill and Michael Linder

MdLP Convention - March 12, 2011
Squire's Italian Restaurant in Dundalk
(Audio recordings
Convention Convention
Michael Linder Convention Bob Johnston

Chair Bob Johnston runs the Central Committee meeting (right), Michael Linder gives Treasurer's Report (left)

Ken Krawchuck Jim Lark

Ken Krawchuk discusses Atlas Snubbed; LNC rep Jim Lark addresses "Knee-Jerk Libertarianism: A Cure for a Common Disease"

Len Lazarick James Bovard

Len Lazarick from tells us how to get attention; after-dinner speaker James Bovard warns us of threats we face from our government

<i>Defender of Liberty</i> Award

Bob Johnston presents Susan Gaztaņaga the Defender of Liberty award for her exemplary performance as our gubernatorial candidate

<i>Samuel P. Chase Freedom</i> Award

Lorenzo Gaztaņaga presents Bob Johnston the Samuel P. Chase Freedom silver coin for innumerable accomplishments in the past seven years

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