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Election Wrap-up Meeting - November 13, 2010
Election Review Meeting Election Review Meeting

MdLP candidates and activists met in Owings Mills to review the 2010 election

Essex Day Festival - September 19, 2010
Essex Day Festival
Bill Buzzell works the booth

Reisterstown Festival - September 11/12, 2010
The MdLP had a booth at the Reisterstown Festival.
Reisterstown Festival
Candidates Brandon Brooks, and Susan and Lorenzo Gaztaņaga join Darlene Nicholas and Bill Buzzell to work the booth.
Renee Grills Jim Lark
Bill administers the Quiz and updates the cumulative chart for the festival.

Picnic - August 21, 2010
The MdLP met at Dave Sten's home in North East.
Michael Speaks
The Central Committee raptly listens to Michael's Treasurer's Report.
Renee Grills Jim Lark
Hostess Renee takes over grilling duties from Dave; Jim Lark reports on the LNC.

Central Committee Meeting - July 21, 2010
Central Committee Meeting
The Central Committee met to nominate two candidates: Josh Crandall (House of Delegates 31) and Ronald Owens-Bey (House of Delegates 45).

Tawes Crab & Clam Bake - July 21, 2010
Muir Boda and Richard Davis attended this major political event in Crisfield
Richard Davis and Mike Brewington Dr. Davis and Andy Harris
Dr. Richard Davis with Tea Party Activist and Democrat for Wicomico County Council Mike Brewington (left). Brewington is a self described Jeffersonian Democrat and is a part of the "Liberty Movement" in southern Maryland. Dr. Davis and opponent Republican Andy Harris talking (right).
Shird and Mug Crowd Shot
The "Vote Libertarian" buttons were eye catchers, it even caught Governor O'Malley's eye; Lots of people and lots of food.

Central Committee Meeting - June 19, 2010
The Central Committee met to nominate three candidates:
Three Candidates
Shawn Quinn (House of Delegates 29c), Bryan Walker (House of Delegates 21), Dan Massey (U.S. House 6); they happen to all be veterans.

Central Committee Meeting - May 15, 2010
CC Meeting CC Meeting
The Central Committee met to nominate four candidates:
Four Candidates
Scott Spencer (U.S. House 7), Mike Calpino (Wicomico Co. Council), Mark Grannis (U.S. House 8), Gavin Shickle (U.S. House 5)

MdLP Convention - March 13, 2010
Squire's Italian Restaurant in Dundalk
(Audio recordings
Chair Bob Johnston runs the Central Committee meeting

Wes Benedict Paul Jacob
National LP Executive Director Wes Benedict;
Citizen in Charge's Paul Jacob

Daniel McAndrew Radley Balko

Daniel McAndrew discusses a Constitutional Convention for the state of Maryland; Radley Balko of the CATO Institute and Reason Magazine

Arvin Vohra Jerry McKinley
House of Delegates candidate Arvin Vohra;
Congressional candidate Jerry McKinley

Bob Johnston Susan Gaztaņaga Jim Lark
Chairman Bob Johnston; Gubernatorial candidate
Susan Gaztaņaga; LNC Rep. Jim Lark

Joe Miller, Spear Lancaster
Joe Miller receives the Samuel P. Chase Freedom Award from Spear Lancaster

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