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Libertarian Party of Maryland

The best Libertarian is an informed Libertarian

Please use these links to educate yourself and others about the Party's ideology.  Here you'll find our nation's historical documents in addition to links to important sites.

All sites which are not part of the Maryland or National Libertarian Party sites will open in a new window.

National Party Information
National Party Website
Libertarian Party Platform

Local Party Information
Baltimore City Libertarian Party
Baltimore County Libertarian Party
Baltimore LP Store
Cecil County Libertarian Party
Harford County Libertarian Party
Montgomery County Libertarian Party
Towson University Party
University of Md. College Park Party
State Program
MDLP Newsletters
Press Releases
Audio Clips (Media Appearances)
MDLP Speaker's Bureau
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State of Maryland Information
Maryland Annotated Code
Maryland General Assembly
Who are your Elected Officials?
State Board of Elections
Maryland Registered Voter Statistics
Maryland Registered Voter Information
Maryland Electronic Capital

Maryland Issue Sites
Maryland Public Policy Institute (Good on state spending, particularly taxation, state employee pensions, transparency, health care, and transportation)
Maryland Reporter (Site by former Examiner reporter Len Lazarick, open to Libertarian views)
Direct Action
Maryland Taxpayers' Association
ABATE of Maryland
Maryland Citizens for Property Rights

United States Founding Documents
The Declaration of Independence
The U.S. Constitution
The Bill of Rights
Additional Amendments

Media Personalities
Neal Boortz
Larry Elder
Zoh Hieronimus
Michelle Malkin
Brian Wilson
Liberty Works Radio Network

Sites of Interest
Advocates for Self-Government (Overall libertarian philosophy)
Constitution Preservation (Michael Badnarik)
Civil Liberties Defense Foundation
Forfeiture Endangers American Rights
Free State Project
Future of Freedom Foundation
Gun Owners of America
Institute for Justice
Libertarians For Life
Ludwig von Mises Institute
Marijuana Policy Project
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
LEAP: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
November Coalition
Project Vote Smart
Second Amendment Sisters
Weird Laws
Women Against Gun Control