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Election Night - November 5, 2002

Campaign workers met at Fuddruckers at Baltimore's Inner Harbor to watch election night returns and Spear Lancaster's totals

Election NightElection Night
All watch the televisions tuned to each news channel

Election NightElection Night
Gubernatorial candidate Spear Lancaster poses with his Lieutenant Governor running mate, Lorenzo Gaztañaga (left); and with his campaign manager, Steve Boone (right)

MdLP Picnic - September 29, 2002

A picture-perfect afternoon at Granville Gude Park in Laurel provided a lovely setting for the annual picnic. Libertarian dogs and geese joined their human friends, and all had a wonderful time.

Signatures "Sufficient" - August 26, 2002

SupportersThe State Board of Elections declares that the number of validated petition signatures collected to put Spear Lancaster and Lorenzo Gaztañaga on the ballot for Governor/Lieutenant Governor are "sufficient." There will be precisely three gubernatorial candidates listed on the voting machines November 5th: Spear Lancaster, plus two others. Libertarian supporters met at the Rocky Run Tap & Grill in Columbia to celebrate the monumental event.

Spear and Steve BooneLorenzo
Left: Spear and campaign manager Steve Boone; right: Lorenzo

Dee LancasterTony Spezio
Maryland's future first lady Dee Lancaster; Tony Spezio is responsible for at least 1300 of the 37,176 petition signatures collected.

Tawes Crab & Clam Bake - July 17, 2002

MdLP'ers at TawesWater Tower
The MdLP group at the Crisfield marina

Mike Linder and Derek MancinhoSpear campaigns
Organizer Mike Linder and Derek Mancinho - Spear Lancaster campaigns

Convention - May 11, 2002

Timbuktu Restaurant
The convention was held at the Timbuktu Restaurant

Declan McCullaghSpear Lancaster
Declan McCullagh of Wired News and gubernatorial candidate Spear Lancaster

Lee HavisDoug Leard
Lee Havis of the Maryland Public Assembly, and Doug Leard of the Alliance for the Separation of School and State

AuctionNick Sarwark and Shannon McMenaminKenn Blanchard
Lorenzo Gaztañaga as auctioneer; Nick Sarwark presents Shannon McMenamin a Defender of Liberty award; Kenn Blanchard speaks at the banquet

TowsonTowne Spring Festival - May 4/5, 2002

TowsonTowne Spring FestivalTowsonTowne Spring Festival
There was a large crowd of people near the MdLP booth

TowsonTowne Spring FestivalTowsonTowne Spring Festival
Our Governor/Lieutenant Governor candidates (Spear Lancaster/Lauren Hill) pose; Steve Boone fills balloons for the kids

TowsonTowne Spring FestivalTowsonTowne Spring Festival
The candidates talk with voters

TowsonTowne Spring FestivalTowsonTowne Spring FestivalTowsonTowne Spring Festival
and we collect signatures, signatures, and more signatures...

The Three Candidates
On January 27, 2002, the Libertarian State Central Committee of Maryland nominated Spear Lancaster (right) for Governor; Lauren Hill (center) for Lieutenant Governor; and David Sten (left) for House of Delegates, district 36.

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