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Election Day - November 2, 2004
Voters at Hazelwood Elementary
Crowds of voters in queue at Hazelwood Elementary School, Balto. City

Lorenzo at Hazelwood ElementarySusan and Bill at Hazelwood ElementaryMike Linder at Gardenville Elementary
City Council candidate Lorenzo Gaztañaga pauses from working the crowd to pose at Hazelwood Elementary; Susan Gaztañaga and Bill Buzzell get ready to electioneer there; and Mike Linder works the Gardenville Elementary poll in Balto. City

Susan, Lorenzo, and Mike at Gardenville
Lorenzo, Susan, and Mike working at Gardenville as dusk falls

Essex Day Festival - Sept. 19, 2004
Essex Day FestivalEssex Day Festival
Essex Day FestivalEssex Day Festival
Bill Buzzell and Louis Passano III chat with visitors, give the Quiz, and hand out Michael Badnarik literature and stickers

Defenders' Day with Michael Badnarik - Sept. 13, 2004
Group at Ft. McHenry
A contingent of Libertarians show up at Fort McHenry to meet LP presidential candidate Michael Badnarik (sixth from left)

Michael chats with LibertariansMichael chats with Libertarians
Michael chatting with LibertariansMichael chatting with Libertarians
The presidential candidate chats with Libertarians

Park Ranger chastisesMichael Badnarik and Lorenzo Gaztanaga
Left: a Park Ranger informs the presidential nominee that in order to pass out a leaflet he needs to go to a designated area in the park (what better to illustrate the difference between candidates!); Right: Michael Badnarik and Lorenzo Gaztañaga, Baltimore City Council candidate

Michael Badnarik at a cannonMichael Badnarik at cannon
Left: Michael Badnarik and Colleen Eagle at a cannon; Right: Michael Badnarik explains how the cannon is fired

Starscape - July 24, 2004
This sixth annual event was held in Fort Armistead Park, Baltimore. Above: the LP booth; below: Starscape scenes. Photos courtesy

Disc JockeyStarscapeStarscape

MdLP Picnic - July 24, 2004
The annual event was held at Hallowing Point Park in Calvert County

CookingPlaying Football
At the barbeque, and playing football

Joe Miller and Steve SassGroup Chatting
Joe Miller Jr. and Steve Sass, and a group chatting

Steve Sass with FairTax resolutionJeannie RiglerRoy J. Meyers III
Steve Sass goes over a FairTax resolution; Jeannie Rigler, picnic organizer; and chairman Roy J. Meyers III conducts the Central Committee meeting

Spear LancasterBob Johnston IIITroy Zinderman
Spear Lancaster, Bob Johnston III, and Troy Zinderman contemplate Central Committee business

Clam Bake - July 21, 2004
J. Millard Tawes 2004 signJ. Millard Tawes 2004 Group
At the J. Millard Tawes event held annually in Crisfield, there were lots of Republican supporters, some Democrats... and also Libertarians! (Robert Glaser, Derek Mancinho, and Michael Linder above.)

National LP Convention - May 27-31, 2004
National ConventionNational Convention
Some of the Maryland delegation in Atlanta
Video at

Delegates Meeting - May 8, 2004
In preparation for the National LP convention, Maryland hosted a meeting at the Linthicum library
Richard CampagnaAaron Russo
Richard Campagna became the LP's vice presidental candidate; Aaron Russo ran for president.

Gary NolanLorenzo GaztaņagaFred Childress
Gary Nolan made a bid for president; Lorenzo Gaztañaga and Fred Childress speak.

TowsonTown Spring Festival - May 1/2, 2004
Collecting SignaturesThe BoothThe Quiz

MdLP Annual Convention - April 3, 2004
Vitali'sWelcome Sign
The MdLP's 2004 convention was held at Vitali's Restaurant & Pub in Edgewood

Gary NolanSteve BeattyGeorge Reynolds
Presidential candidate Gary Nolan, judicial candidate Steve Beatty, and MC George Reynolds

Lorenzo GaztaņagaKeith MurphySpear Lancaster
Lorenzo Gaztañaga, Keith Murphy, and Spear Lancaster

Religion Panel
Gerald Schneider, Susan Gaztañaga, Dean Ahmad, and Doug McNeil in a panel discussion on Faith and Libertarianism

AttendeesBob Johnston and Peggy MeyersChris Panasuk
Conventioneers listen to speakers; Bob Johnston III talks with Peggy Meyers; and Chris Panasuk

Doug McNeilTony Spezio
Doug McNeil receives a Chase award from Lorenzo Gaztañaga; Tony Spezio receives a Chase award from Steve Boone

Joe MillerRuth Andrasco
Chip Spangler presents Joe Miller and Ruth Andrasco with Defender of Freedom awards

Roy J. Meyers IIIZack & Aaron Jones
Roy J. Meyers III and Zach and Aaron Jones receive Defender of Freedom awards

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