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Central Committee Meeting - November 9, 2013
Stuart Simms' home in Laurel

Shawn Quinn

Shawn Quinn was nominated for Governor (Lorenzo Gaztaņaga for Lt. Governor)

Arvin Vohra

Arvin Vohra was nominated for U.S. House, district 4

Scott Soffen

Scott Soffen was nominated for U.S. House, district 7

Reisterstown Parade - September 7, 2013
Reisterstown Parade

It was a nice day (not as hot as 2012). Susan Gaztaņaga leads our group with the flag; Robert Glaser with a sign; Dave Sgambellone and Kevin Fritz present our banner; trailed by Bill Buzzell driving his car (not in photo) and Lorenzo Gaztaņaga riding shotgun. We did receive some positive comments and thumbs-up gestures.

MdLP Picnic - July 27, 2013
Arvin Vohra's home in Bethesda
Burgers Arvin Barbeques

Barbeque King Arvin prepares a feast using a secret hamburger recipe


It was a very good weather day until it was time for the meeting -- when thunderstorms showed up

Central Committee meeting

We went inside again this year to conduct the Central Committee meeting

Independence Day Parade - July 4, 2013
Dundalk Independence Day Parade
Welcome to Dundalk

Dundalk Independence Day Parade

Susan Gaztaņaga, Bill Buzzell, Lorenzo Gaztaņaga, Dave Sgambellone at the starting location after decorating Bill's car

Dundalk Independence Day Parade Dundalk Independence Day Parade

Riding back from the parade - passing Liberty Avenue; Independence Day display at the Gaztaņaga home upon return from the parade

MdLP Convention - April 6, 2013
Squire's Italian Restaurant in Dundalk
(Audio recordings
Candidates Forum at Convention
Candidates Forum at Convention

The convention opened with a candidates forum -- recapping and reviewing past campaigns -- with Lorenzo Gaztaņaga, Richard Davis, and Mark Grannis.

Business Meeting

The business meeting included revision of the state Program, election of officers, and more.

Tim Sutton

A thank-you to outgoing board member Arvin Vohra, and welcome to incoming board member Tim Sutton (left)

Jim Lark Jim Lark

LNC rep Jim Lark gives a talk The LP: where we are, where we're going. He uses iced tea as a prop, pretending it's his beloved beer...

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