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Libertarian Party of Maryland


Are you tired of being kicked outside to smoke in all kinds of weather?

Do you enjoy paying over $3.00 per pack of cigarettes worth only 20?

Comfortable being considered a criminal for bringing more than two packs of cigarettes in from out of state?

You've elected them!
The Democrats and Republicans that YOU elected into office are responsible for this discriminating legislation.  Your government has declared war on Tobacco and continues to pursue increased taxation and usage regulation.

What We've Done.
During the most recent legislative session, leaders of the Libertarian Party of Maryland have implored legislators to pass sensible laws concerning smokers and their rights.  Read the testimonies of Steve Boone and Keith Halderman.

How Do Libertarians Stand On Other Issues?
We fight for personal freedom on every issue.  Read the National Party Platform to find the details.  Defending your constitutional rights is our only objective.

Want To Become Involved?
Become active in the Libertarian Party!  It's easy to join, and all are welcomed in the fight for freedom.  Help us reinstate smoker's rights and end this tyranny!

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