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World's Smallest Political Quiz
World's Smallest Political Quiz




Libertarian Party of Maryland


Your Role in Party Activism
Brian Wilson
Talk Show Host/Author

  • What have you done *today* to help a Libertarian candidate run/prepare to run for office?
    Be specific - others may be able to help, too.
  • What have you read *today* that helps you understand/communicate Libertarian principles?
    Be specific - others need sources, information.
  • What thought have you given *today* to new ways to promote Libertarians and/or MDLP?
    Be specific - others need jump-starting ideas.
  • How many letters to Editors and/or talk shows have you written/called *today* to bring attention to the Libertarian perspective on issues.
    Be specific - post issue(s) addressed, addresses, call letters, ph/fax #'s.
  • What questions do you have *today* that you need answered to be better at discussing Libertarian issues
    Be specific - others may have the same questions; others may point you to the answers.
  • What MDLP function/committee have you volunteered for *today*?
    Be specific - the work is great; the workers few. If you are volunteered, who else can you contact to recruit? If you haven't/don't volunteer, why not?
  • Since it's tax time, how much money did you donate to the MDLP?
    How does that figure compare to the total you pissed away on movies, magazine subscriptions, car washes, Girl Scout cookies?
  • Do you contribute something every month?
    Why not?
  • What are you giving as birthday presents to friends this year? "Libertarianism In One Lesson"?
    Why not?
  • Have you posted/discussed any of these ideas on the MDLP Onelist?
    Why not?
  • Do you think ANY of these make for more compelling, interesting, tangibly constructive dialog that could yield real and beneficial results than re-preaching that Clinton is a lying, adulterous bastard whose designs on government are totalitarian and dangerous?
    Why not?

What cave do you think people who receive these msgs are living in? Or are you also a "Me, too-ism" fan of Re-Posting Club that meets here with gross regularity?

In my not so humble opinion, sharing/discussing ideas that will get Libertarians elected....sharing/discussing ideas that will grow the party....sharing/discussing ideas that will make Libertarians more effective in all areas of public discourse...sharing/discussing ideas to sensitize the public about the status of the status quo....THESE are the areas of "positive discussion" that should displace the blathering of how bad Clinton is, etc. Are there issues deserving attention/action outside of strict Libertarianism? You bet. "Know Your Customer" is one of them. But - Libertarians and the Libertarian Party are so behind in the race for the hearts, souls and minds of the people in this country, to squander time sniveling about Clinton over and over and over is a monumental waste of time, even if it's only to hit the Delete key.