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Patriot Act? President Bush doesn't need no stinkin' Patriot Act!
Robert E. Glaser
22 December 2005

Robert Glaser Many Libertarians question the constitutionality of the Patriot Acts I & II. No need to worry, though. They're both unnecessary.

Libertarians probably also question the whole idea of a secret court created by FISA legislation to limit Executive Branch power. Again, no problem. Those statutes are also unnecessary.

The New York Times revealed last week (why did they sit on this for a year?) that President Bush had "authorized" the NSA to conduct wiretaps on U.S. citizens within our borders without a court order. He could have asked the (secret) FISA court for a warrant to do so -- he even could have done it first and asked for court permission later -- but he figured that it just wasn't necessary.

According to our President, statutes passed by Congress mean nothing.

So the entire Legislative Branch means nothing. He could have asked for more powers, like after 9/11; surely the Congressional sycophants would have granted his every request. It's just so unnecessary.

For that matter, the Judicial Branch also means nothing. How else could he choose to bypass the FISA court?

President Bush says that his capacity as Commander-In-Chief grants him this power (nevermind that Congress never officially approved a Declaration of War). He also says that the War on Terror will never end.

Ergo, for now and forever, we can dispense with the Congress and the courts. We should save lots of money, so Libertarians can cheer this accomplishment.

And Libertarians are going to be happy that we can put the Patriot Act in the rubbish where it belongs -- we don't need no stinkin' Patriot Act!

That's George W. Bush's Christmas present to us. Be sure to send him a thank-you card.