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Alan Greenspan the libertarian
Michael Listman
First MDLP Webmaster

If elected to office as a libertarian, how much effect on legislation could you have as a solitary force?  You could jump and scream all you wanted, but at the end of the day, yours is still but a single voice.

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is arguably the most powerful libertarian in politics, and I am quite surprised when other card carrying libertarians are unaware of this.  You may disagree with some of the things he's done, you may be unaware of his political ideals, or you may equate him with every other big government bureaucrat.  Were he able to implement his "radical" ideologies before they were politically palatable, he would be quickly dealt with by the entrenched powers, either through some impeachment, or by new limitations of his office.  But the fact remains that he is a libertarian idealist, crafting policies, and suggesting changes to the degree that they can be successfully pursued.

No he's not always right or perfect, but what would you have him do to fulfil your picture of a true libertarian as Fed Chair?  Who would you rather have heading a department the LP reasons for dismantling?  The Federal Reserve system was created to address problems that have arisen out of the abandonment of the gold standard.  Mr. Greenspan knows this and calls for its return and the end to the Federal Reserve.  IMHO, he does the best job any libertarian could hope for given his position and authority.

As an intelligent, consistent, and principled government official, I am proud to reference Alan Greenspan as the self proclaimed libertarian that he is.

If you are unsure as to who Alan Greenspan is or what he stands for, please read these: